Why Us

Why MENA region? Why MENA Software?

Why Arabic and Persian?
  • More than 150 million online users in both markets

  • Arabic and Persian have the same alphabet, culture and specifics (both are RTL)

  • Hunger for new games

  • Lack of localized games

  • High Purchasing Power Parity

Why MENA Software?
  • Access to more than 20 million verified gamers

  • Simple API integration allows access to all Gamgos features. Gamgos is a plug and play platform

  • Native professionals: community, marketing and development managers

  • Global and local payments ways, taking care of legalization issues

  • Access to our network of already integrated media partners

We Provide:
Native professional team with experience in localization (more than 10 games already localized)
Localization is the life or death feature of a games in the MENA markets., Its more than simple translations. Cultural specifics often require graphical and other elements to have adjustments in order to fit.
Native marketing managers with experience in the local marketing activities
Huge network of already integrated media partners into our affiliates system, stable and good history with marketing affiliates networks
Native payments support team
Already self developed payments system with more than 150 global and local payments methods integrated, options like promotions, happy hours, promo codes, vouchers, refunds, chargebacks etc. The team has solid experience with all local specifics of players payments operations
Native community managers team
Part of our management team are hardcore gamers, which quickly discern useful feedback and player trends that need to be addressed. Player communities are better understood and problems don't linger due to lack of support engagement.