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Games developers
NA Games
NA Games is a Bulgarian games studio with two rooms full of passionate people. Most of whom were in the game industry separately when NA Games was born. Rather they host a collaboration of talent and understanding that stretches beyond their own self-limitations. It is their love of gaming that has brought them together and has kept them going forward. March to Rome is the game they wanted to play when they were the ones begging developers to improve this or that feature, that they clearly understood it would empower their games.
Playata are a motivated team of young and dynamic members, they stand out due to their long-term experience in the game and entertainment industry. Playata was founder in 2009 and first specialized in the development of programs and tools for providers of online games. In April 2011, they decided to focus on their passion for games and converted Playata into a game studio. Since then, they solely concentrate on the development of computer games. Their first game, the browser based game "Hero Zero", it was released in January 2012 and was able to gain millions of players within a short period of time.
BigMage is committed to create high-quality, innovative and successful browser and mobile games. They strives to create a superior gameplay experience. Their goal is to make the kind of games and applications people seek out.
Imperia Online
Imperia Online Ltd is an independent game studio developing web-based online strategy and role playing games. Their young team of highly qualified and creative professionals has built and continues to upgrade daily, a variety of virtual worlds which have become the stage of honor and glory for millions of people worldwide.
Bytro Labs
Bytro Labs is an independent, owner-managed company that develops and publishes browser-based and mobile online games. The most important factor of our success is the expertise and creativity of our excellent team of avid gamers. Their innovative ideas and outstanding know-how are responsible for giving their games their distinctive thematic and conceptual originality.
Game Rill
Gamerill is a game development and publishing company. Their mission is to develop interesting games and provide them to the right audience by working with targeted internet sites.
Chimera Entertainment
Chimera Entertainment is an independent developer for digital entertainment software which focuses on online gaming and cross platform development. The studio was awarded with the 2007 LARA Startup Award and has today more than 20 employees working in the heart of Munich.
UltiZen Games
is China's largest all-platform game art outsourcing partner and PC game developer for many of the most respected games companies around the world. UltiZen is also the creator of the U-Pal casual game platform for the Chinese market.
Amber Games
Amber Games is the largest online game developer in the Baltic region. The company was founded in 2006 in Riga, Latvia. In 2008 Amber Games released online medieval strategy game 1100AD, which is considered to be one of the most popular and most recognized games from the company.
Fun City
Founded in August 2006 and headquartered in Hangzhou, China. Funcity Inc. is a globally oriented enterprise in the cultural and creative industries, which engages in game development, film creation and derivatives production, and integrates creative design, development, production, publication and operation.