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is one of the leading online games publishers in the MENA region
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10+ localized, tested and published games
20+ million verified gamers
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Games Publishing
Browser Games
With more than 10 games fully localized and published exclusively, we dare to say that MENA Software is the #1 browser based games publisher in the region
Client Games
Do you have a potential downloadable PC game and you are looking to enter the MENA market? We are here to help you.
Mobile Games
We have the first android games store with local payments in Iran and we are also working to bring iOS and Windows games to market.
Latest news
  • MENA Software LTD and NA Games are happy to announce the signing of exclusive partnership for publishing March to Rome game worldwide exclusively! March to Rome: March to Rome is a strategy MMO browser based game set in ancient Europe - the Late Roman Empire. Armed with stylized visuals, large and growing tactical flexibility along with various development options for appealin...

    MENA Software LTD and NA Games partnership 01-Nov-2014

  • MENA Software LTD and Playata are happy to announce the signing of exclusive partnership for publishing Hero Zero game in the MENA region. Hero Zero Game: The rise from the average loser guy up to a villian-hunting superhero – that’s what our free-to-play browser game Hero Zero is all about. The player creates his individual-looking superhero and declares war on the daily scare...

    MENA Software LTD and Playata Partnership 01-Jul-2014

  • MENA Software LTD and Big Mage Game Studios are so happy to announce the first step of their partnership. MENA Software is going to publish exclusively Street Mobster (known also as BG Mafia) in MENA region. Street Mobster: Street Mobster is a mafia/tycoon browser online game. With its unique graphical style and original pixel-art graphics, the play enters into the uniqu...

    MENA Software LTD and Big Mage Game Studios partnership 01-Mar-2014

Our Mission
Develop MENA online gaming market by developing and publishing more games, giving the gamers in the region the opportunity to play worldwide famous games in their native languages.

Giving the opportunity to the games developers to get the maximum possible benefits of gamers in MENA market.

Providing the full package of publishing (Localization, Servers, Marketing, Community Management, Payments, Billing and Legalization)